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How to Become a Widely-Read Writer: Find It out with Our Blog

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Definitely, you must know how it feels when you are going somewhere on the bus or just waiting in a queue and a great thought about the plot for your next story strikes you suddenly. Almost unconsciously your hands open your bag hoping to find the smallest scrap of paper and write down a few words of the future story. Experienced essay writers usually do so. Or, probably, you instinctively start drafting it in your phone notes.

However, when you return home after another busy day, you can come up with hardly any idea on how to continue. What is more, you even cannot try to imagine that one day the story, which takes its roots from several poorly and hurriedly written sentences, would turn into a magnificent best-seller, so popular all around the world.

The situation is quite familiar, isn’t it? But, you know what? In case you choose to forget about that phone note or scrap of paper and not to develop your story, you may live just to regret it very much one day. And the world will never know that it has (to be more precise, could have) one more wonderful writer.

So, actually we are here to prevent you from making one of the most terrible mistakes in your life! We are here to save you from laziness, cure you of writer’s block, and show you how you can complete your work and let it finally come into the world.

What You Will Find on This Blog

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We are a team of experienced bloggers who can tell you a lot about blogging, writing and journalism as well. Yes, we want to share our theoretical and practical knowledge with everybody who is looking for advice and help, wishing to make their writing dreams come true.

A couple of years ago, we also were just very ambitious budding writers who wanted more but did not know which way to go and get it. So, to some extent, this blog can turn out to be a collection of different tips on and examples of how you can succeed if you want to be a widely-read writer. Anyway, let’s take a quick look at the main topics of our discussions.

What to Write

You will learn more about popular topics, reasons why they are so popular, and the ways to present them so originally that your readers could distinguish your style easily. Also, we are going to introduce to you different readers and tell you about their interests and preferences. So, you will be able to know audience better and decide who exactly you want and need to attract.

How to Write

You will become confident of your personal style. You will be able to understand its features and drawbacks. You will know how to perfect the former and eliminate the latter. Our blog will tell you about the advantages of right presentations and other ways to make people like what you write. Besides, as we are constantly following the latest novelties, you will learn not only time-tested mechanisms of writing success, but many new things as well.

Where to Write

It is true that the Internet has revolutionized traditional ways of sharing big amounts of information. So, we would like to shed more light on the benefits it is ready to offer to modern budding writers and throw out to you some tips on how to use these benefits. Follow our updates and learn loads of new and helpful things!

Why on Earth We Believe That You Can Do It

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Now think carefully why you cannot do it. Seriously, just try to prove yourself that you cannot sit down and create a brand-new story or article which would express fresh ideas and make people understand them and agree with them. But at first, see what excuses definitely won’t work in your case.

Lack of Experience

Rome was not built in one day. You cannot gain any experience if you just keep saying: “You know, I haven’t got any experience”. You do not need to be a genius to sit down and start blogging, for example. You just need your talent, your wish, some inspiration and a cup of your favorite drink.

Lack of Time

There will never be enough time to do the things you want and not the things you are required to do, because you must study, or work, or care about your sick pets, or simply sleep. If you do want to start writing, you will find some sixty minutes to make notes or draft a future blog post. If you are not sure whether you want it or not, you can finish reading now.

Lack of Means

Alright, publishing is costly. But World Wide Web offers a lot of great possibilities for free or for very affordable prices. So, this excuse does not count too.

No Fans/Readers

Do you not have any friends who could read your works and comment on them? Well, if not, then it is your chance to attract new people and get fresh opinions on your writings.

By and Large, What This All Is For

Ask yourself why you want to write and create new great things. That is going to be the only right answer!

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