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Avoiding Deadline Dangers

Whether you’ve got a deadline imposed by an editor, a contest entry cutoff, or self-imposed, if you’re up against the clock (through sheer amount of work or procrastination), it’s pretty easy to literally make yourself sick doing nothing else but […]

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The Happy Writer’s Guide to Social Media

More and more these days, writers are encouraged to establish a web presence, even before they are published.  I would agree that a website is a major plus.  Editors and agents are known to take a look-see before beginning a […]

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Say No to Negativity

Being a writer is hard. Being a Happy Writer is even harder. One of the reasons being a Happy Writer can be so difficult is because it’s impossible to control whether those around us are Happy Writers. I’m sure you’ve […]

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Giving Good Critique

The questions I most often hear new writers ask about are on the topic of critiquing. How to find a critique partner or group, how to give a good critique, what to look for from a critique of their own […]

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Putting Rejection in its Place

No one likes rejection. I’m pretty sure you could ask every writer who’s ever written and not find a single one who would say they find rejection fun. But there is one sure thing about rejection and writing: Rejection is […]

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Happy Jealousy

It would be really easy for me to be jealous of a lot of people in the writing business. Not just “people,” but friends. Friends who have things I don’t. I have friends who have published more books than I […]

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