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Searching for Hope

How about a quick quiz? How many writing craft books do you own? _____ How many of those books have you read cover to cover? _____ How often, when you’ve read the book cover to cover, have you actually applied […]

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Getting Good Critique

Last time we talked about how to give a good critique.  But there’s an art to being a good “critiquee” also. Here are 17 tips to being a Happy Writer when you’re the one on the receiving end. 1.      Giving […]

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Giving Good Critique

The questions I most often hear new writers ask about are on the topic of critiquing. How to find a critique partner or group, how to give a good critique, what to look for from a critique of their own […]

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Putting Rejection in its Place

No one likes rejection. I’m pretty sure you could ask every writer who’s ever written and not find a single one who would say they find rejection fun. But there is one sure thing about rejection and writing: Rejection is […]

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Happy Process

I’ve long envied authors who have a process for writing each book. The ones who say, “Oh yes! I have a process.  First I take an idea, then I do X, then Y, then Z.  Then I have a book! […]

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Switch It Up – Happier Productivity

…or How to Loosen Up Those Creativity Muscles [Can you tell I couldn’t decide what to call this entry?  LOL!] So, I got really stuck once. (Only once? Let’s be realistic about this…I get stuck a lot, but we’re going […]

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