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The No Goal New Year

My writer girls and I had our year-end pow-wow last month about what we wanted for 2012.  We do this every December…we talk about what we liked and didn’t like about the past year and what we want to do […]

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Obstacle or Excuse?

It’s amazing how many “reasons” a writer can find for not writing.  I’m including myself in this, too, lest you think I’m claiming innocence. I can excuse-find with the best of them, although I have to admit with working on […]

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As a Writer Thinketh

I thought we’d try a little practical application today. Whether our career paths progress or remain static is solely based on our thoughts. But even if you’ve read every Happy Writer post, knowing what to do with your negative thoughts […]

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Switch It Up – Happier Productivity

…or How to Loosen Up Those Creativity Muscles [Can you tell I couldn’t decide what to call this entry?  LOL!] So, I got really stuck once. (Only once? Let’s be realistic about this…I get stuck a lot, but we’re going […]

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