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Example of the Essay on How the Good Presentation Develops Careers

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Public Speech

In any area and for any position, employers are looking for employees with good communication skills. Nevertheless, if reading and writing are taught in school, the ability to express thoughts, visualize them, and communicate with the audience is forgotten by the teachers. Therefore, such a skill is your advantage over colleagues and competitors. In case you have a lack of inspiration to explain in your university essay how the ability to do cool presentations helps in the professional growth, we may help you write this essay for you. Here are some perks:

You Will Be Noticed

If the majority of your colleagues are bad at making presentations, then you will stand out among them. The only extra skills you need are to know how to make your presentations informative and well-designed.

You Will Be Trusted to Make the Presentations

Managing the words and images will give you more opportunities to “light up,” show your good sides, and eventually get a bigger payment. This is especially important for salespeople, as in this business everything depends precisely on the ability to present the situation in a positive light for the customer.

US researchers estimate the positive impact of the good presentation on the sum of the deal to be about 20-25% for the seller’s pocket. Imagine the loss of the organization, that first has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on market research, in order to approach the customer, and even performed a thorough competitor analysis, but then in the decisive negotiations on a contract for tenths of millions of dollars makes its proposal in the form of completely amateur slides. The impression made on the potential partners would be dreadful.


You Will Be Remembered

There is nothing exciting in the slides of your colleagues, who have never bothered to make them interesting and just paste a bunch of text upon the standard theme colors. Moreover, they tend to stupidly read this text during all the performance. It has roughly the impact of a lullaby on the audience.

On the contrary, you can show your clear, logically constructed and beautiful presentation. You will perform the ability to “hook” the audience with its impression. That way you obviously will be remembered as the author of the best presentation of the day.

You Will Be a Leader

Great leaders often are the greatest speakers and orators. Self-confidence, persuasiveness, charisma are the qualities that make you a leader in the eyes of others. Remember, that the best leader is the one that the team has chosen for itself. To make your team acknowledge your high role, you should firstly impress and inspire them.

New People Will Appear Around You

After a brilliant presentation of your thoughts, you will be noticed and remembered. A lot of interesting people would be happy to communicate with you, and share their ideas. They would appreciate you as a skillful man. It would look like you have hired a PR manager, who spread the information about such a good and clever person. Nevertheless, the true reason for your popularity is that you are very good at presentation of your ideas.

You Will Become a Good Listener

Those who have no skills to present their thoughts do not listen to the audience, because they are too concerned about their own failures. Though, if you learn how to win the attention of the others, you will learn to listen to other speakers, which is a rare skill nowadays. While somebody tries to remember the text from their slides and mumble it constantly, without paying attention to the recently speaker, you listen to the people on the stage and gain new information.

Press Conference

You Will Become a Simple, Understanding and Reasonable Person

If a person is not able to do presentations, express thoughts clearly and interact with others, the participants of the conversation do not ask for their opinion. On the contrary, you have a chance! After understanding how to structure thoughts and images, you will be an interesting conversationalist. You will be able to keep the conversation alive. After that, you will be told about ideas and suggestions, because people know that you are good at reception of something new.

You Will Be Good at Negotiations

People who do not develop their presentation skills usually do not analyze the audience they should affect and do not think about the scenarios of the performance. The recipe of a good negotiation includes the ability to explain clearly to your partners what you need from them, and to convince them in the right decision. A good presentation is a way to do so with several slides.

Your Clearly Formulated Ideas Will Win

Even a genius must be able to explain clearly their ideas to the audience. Anyone who is acquainted with

that skill will benefit. Imagine two employees, who wish to express their suggestions. One of them does so clearly and confidently, while the second cannot formulate a single thought. Obviously, nobody will listen to the second one.


You Can Easily Get a Job or a Project

It may be difficult for people to prove that they do have the skills listed in the CV. Moreover, if you do not show your good sides at the interview, all the negotiations will end. In this case presentations will show you in bright light, as the ability to make a presentation is not just the ability to set slides in PowerPoint and convey thoughts clearly. It is also an ability to present yourself.

Good Presentation Tips

The optimal amount of the presentation is considered to be the traditional 24 slides, but it is better to fit your thoughts into 16 slides. Presentations with less than 12 slides are rare and hard to remember.

The human brain processes visual information to 60 000 times faster than text, and that is why the most popular presentations have on average 37 or more images. In the old days, when the presentations were made by professionals, this rule was strictly observed: the part of the text was only 35% in the pre-computer era presentations. In short, all the unnecessary text should be left to either oral presentation, or be replaced with illustrative material: charts, pictures. Remember that the average duration of the listener’s attention is about 3-8 minutes. Knowing that your audience has a limited supply of attention, do not make them start to read your slides or fall asleep.

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