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How to Determine the Topics Your Readers Are Fond Of

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Suffering Author

If you write a university essay, which your teacher does not like, it is not a huge problem. Nevertheless, the situation can become much worse, when your lovely blog has just ten subscribers, or nobody reads your social networks’ page updates. Moreover, it is a disaster, when you start working as a journalist and readers ignore your publications in spite of the fact that they are written perfectly, and even your boss pats on your shoulder after he has read it. The double disaster comes in case you try to use content marketing and sell something via articles on special topics. You are at risk of becoming bankrupt and lose your brand image, or be fired as an inexperienced worker.

Comments Show the Interests of Your Audience

Read comments to the posts with topics, those are close to your publications’ style. This is the easiest and most affordable way for you to reveal the topics that are interesting for your readers. Taking a look at comments on social networks, and viewing some of them that are full of arguing could create a basis for your publication. To clarify the ideas for your future article you can ask a pair of questions to the most active discussion participants. Contact people directly and they will become your guides on the topic. The whole article could be created just on the materials from the comments, as people do share their experience in such kind of blogs.

Create an Interrogation

If your site, blog or social network account already has a great amount of followers, but you suddenly lack ideas for publications, you could simply ask people what kind of information they are waiting for. Give them some options to choose from, and offer to write their own theme suggestions in the comments. You will be impressed by the questions that whirl in the minds of your readers. Usually we even do not mind that people are bother by such problems, because it seems elementary to us.

Click the Options

Write a Letter

If your platform is not full of hundreds of active users, it would be a great idea to write them personal letters. Especially it will work if you have a dozen of true fans, which really appreciate your work and are interested in its development. That is why in search of inspiration you should send a welcome message to each new subscriber. This process could be automated with special applications. The letters’ topic should be built around a single issue: What would you like to read on my site (blog or account) tomorrow? Informative responses are guaranteed. Obviously, not all of your subscribers will react, but someone would be happy to reply. These actions will show what content the majority of your subscribers are looking for.

Be Grateful to Your Readers

After you get a letter from a reader, in which he or she has offered the ideas for the future posts, you should answer them. At least, to thank them for their activity. In that case you establish a contact with this person. Starting from this moment you are no longer the same as the authors to them. You became a friend, and your future letters will not automatically be sent to the spam folder. Since your “community” is small, and you have not started to count your visitors by hundreds of thousands, you can afford to pay attention to each of reader. Moreover, you obviously should do so to develop your blog.

Sometimes Readers Can Not Help You

Having just a question about their opinion without any tips or options, the readers could lose all the thoughts and not answer at all. There is an opinion that people have no idea what they want unless you give it to them. In order not to lose your potential fans just because they have a lack of imagination or time to write a letter, you should try to start a conversation with them. To reach it, write this phrase in the end of your appeal: “If you have no idea about what you would like to read in my blog, just write to me “Hi! I am still your reader and am waiting for new interesting articles!” You will receive a lot of letters with this phrase. In this case you should also be grateful for that answer, write a letter in response and establish a personal dialog with your subscribers.

Answering the Letter

What Should Be Mentioned In the Title of the Article?

Readers are interested only in their problems, opportunities, needs and pain points. That is why you should promise that your publication will be dedicated to at least one of these points. In order to do so, you should mention some actual question in the title and introduction. The good idea is to put them into summaries. This is the only chance to persuade the reader to read your text, which is, no doubt, packed with important knowledge. Remember, that the consumer of information will not appreciate your enlightening data, if you do not announce about its uniqueness from the first words. Determine what the auditory of your edition needs, what opportunities your readers are seeking for, what problems they face on their way to their dream and which of them are permanent. These points are the hooks that help you to grab the peoples’ attention. We gave you more reasons why your readers could be pushed away from your publication and how to avoid them from it in the previous article.

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