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Jane Eyre: One of the World’s Most Famous Novels

Young Girl

There are no doubts that “Jane Eyre” is the novel which has inspired bibliophiles for a lot of years and even changed their worldview. However, this is not just a beautiful love story as it may seem at first sight. It is essential to understand that Charlotte Bronte, as well as her sisters, made a huge contribution to the literature of all times. Her novel “Jane Eyre” was innovative at that stage of literature history, as very few authors used female personages as their narrators and protagonists.

That is why this book is often assigned as a basis and material for different papers. The best way to avoid mistakes in this case is to use an example of the following analysis and consulting with it while writing your essay. There are a number of good points which help to reveal the true sense of the novel below.

Autobiographical Elements

After analyzing the biography of Charlotte Bronte, it is possible to make some parallels between her life and the life of her Jane Eyre. For example, the death of author’s sisters can be connected with the situation when Jane’s friend dies from tuberculosis. Both of these tragic events happened at school for girls. So, in her novel she illustrates many things she witnessed while studying. We can also conclude that the school where she studied is a prototype for her Lowood school. In addition, Charlotte Bronte had to work as a governess, which is similar to the destiny of her heroine.

Religion in the Novel


As well as in the previously analyzed book, this story includes some religious elements. The characters represent its different forms, which can be interpreted in a few ways. For example, Mister Brocklehurst, who propagandizes Christian norms and rules at the school, is a hypocrite and greedy person actually. He punishes girls in an unfair way, which is completely opposite to a number of religious statements about mercy and being kind to others.

Brocklehurst also supports his rich family and has no shame because of such luxurious lifestyle. He wants others to follow his beliefs and rules which he personally ignores at the same time. Jane does not appreciate religion in this form. Nevertheless, she often prays to God in the novel. She also refuses to live with Rochester as he is still married to another woman. It proves that despite disliking hypocrites who propagandize religion, Jane still has strong moral beliefs and concepts.

Criticizing Social Hierarchy

Charlotte Bronte criticizes the Victorian social hierarchy which leads to inequality and a huge gap between aristocratic people and those who were not lucky to be born in rich families. Such a tendency can be easily indicated in the novel: the main protagonist has to work as a governess who is considered no better than an ordinary servant, even despite being well-educated.

She says a few furious words to Rochester in order to show that she has a soul and heart despite having no wealth or beauty. However, the author does no fully destroy the social inequality between them. Finally, Jane comes into inheritance from her uncle, and it becomes possible for them to marry, according to the Victorian hierarchy.

Interpretation of a Strong Woman

Strong Woman

Of course, Jane Eyre is one of the most famous female characters. She is often interpreted as a feminist which does not want to suffer from gender inequality. She is a strong person who can push back people who abuse her. Once, she says to her friend that when someone hurts her, she should answer with a hit in order to prevent such cases in the future.

This is not a kind of Christian moral but it proves that Jane Eyre does not want to silently suffer from others’ words or actions. She follows this credo during her life. Moreover, she is first to tell Rochester about her feelings which is unusual for a Victorian novel. Her words can be interpreted as a manifest about people’s equality. Even after marrying Rochester, she is going to stay calm and strong. Jane has no desire to become a toy in her husband’s hands and wants to be independent. On the other hand, she comes back to Rochester when he is blind and poor. She is ready to sacrifice her youth for serving a beloved man and supporting him.

Literary Traditions

Although this novel was written in the Victorian age when there were rules for novel writing existed, many of them were ignored by Bronte. Of course, she followed a few traditions, but most of them were rejected anyway. For example, Jane does not make up with her dying aunt. She first reveals her love to Rochester though this role is usually played by a man. In addition, Jane is not a beautiful woman. It is mentioned several times that she does not have an attractive appearance.

On the other hand, there are several features of a Gothic novel. Such traditions as an ancient house where all events take place, a weird wife, whom no one knows about, terrible screams and noise which disturb Jane, and so on, are present here. There are also some allusions to Walter Scott’s books, “Paradise Lost” by John Milton and the Bible.

This novel brings many innovative things to the worldwide literature, which was under the strong influence of the Victorian age at those times. Charlotte Bronte refused to follow some of the common traditions and created the new type of a female character. It is not minor anymore. Jane Eyre is the main heroine of the novel and the whole story line is dedicated to her. Moreover, the author makes her really strong and self-dependent. Moreover, many things that were usual for the Victorian age were criticized in the novel. So, Bronte was not afraid of ridiculing a social hierarchy and religious hypocrisy.

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