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Why Content Marketing Is More Demanded Than Invisible Advertising?

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It is important to understand which direction is option for the future profession. One of them is an advertisement development, because it is connected to all the areas of people’s activities. Do you know why news publications are dedicated to viral commercials? It happens because the advertisement that hooks a large audience is a rarity nowadays. Previously, it was a guarantee that every ad would be seen by millions of viewers, but today the commercial, which will bring together several dozens of thousands of views on YouTube, is considered to be the reason for the news publications.

Readers’ Attention Is Always Caught

Just ten years ago there were only a few basic channels through which it was possible to attract the attention of potential customers: television, press, radio, outdoor advertising. When a person sat in front of the TV, he or she would obviously see an advertisement every half an hour. Nevertheless, now a potential customer’s attention is scattered, and escapes from the advertiser on dozens of different channels: social networks, news sites, mailing lists, search engines. Attracting their attention using the only advertising is like trying to catch a fish with bare hands.

Consumers’ Habits Have Changed

As we wrote in the previous article, consumers are looking for interesting content only, and advertising has become a more difficult way to reach the peoples’ attention. They may ignore even a beautiful picture just because they see bright images every day in a great amount.

TV Presenters Are No Longer Authorities

A popular blogger is more credible than stylish people on the screen. The good news is that readers and viewers will gladly pay more attention to interesting content: videos, blogs, deep articles, and infographics instead of believing the blatant advertising or repetitive transmissions. Therefore, large companies shift marketing focus from trying to attract the viewers and readers with advertising on keeping it in excitement with the help of bright qualitative content. They create blogs, video series, and even replaced their corporate websites with blogs on Tumblr, to hold the attention of a younger audience.

Video Blogger

Consumers Can Decide Which Messages To See

People are tired of the number of messages that are coming to them on the Internet. Part of the messages is deleted without hesitation by special programs. The other messages can be just ignored – this is called banner blindness. Most of the advertising is immediately perceived as uninteresting and nasty, even if it actually contains relevant information. That is why valuable data should be visibly discerned from the commercials. Once your Instagram account becomes popular, do not fill it with tons of advices to choose some brand, product, activity, or something else you were paid to recommend.

Readers Find Interesting Content by Themselves

The advertisements try to divert attention from the topics that readers are interested in and switch to the other subject, but useful content in itself is an interesting topic. People Google for it, find it and fully concentrate their attention on such publications. The only demand is that the article helps to solve the readers’ problem.

From a technical point of view it is easy to create content for your blog, site, or even social network account: everything that you want will be written on your page, drawn for an infographic, filmed on video and delivered to the subscribers in the newsletter or with the news feed. In these situations it is important that your publications and letters are interesting to your readers – otherwise they will be immediately scrolled through, closed or flown into the basket. If you post a banal picture that everybody has seen many times in a dozen websites or pages, it will just annoy your subscribers. The same would happen with simple advices about life and relationships. Every text should be carefully rewritten to underline the uniqueness of your content.

Another great way to convey complex information to the audience so that it would be comprehended is infographics and video graphics. Half of the humans’ brain is involved in the processing of visual information, and 70% of the receptors are in the eyes, so we perceive the world mostly visually. Visualization increases the desire to see the material by 80%.

Information Finding

A Useful Content Draws Attention to the Brand

If you establish a startup or start working for some company, you could face with brand promotion. That is why it is useful to know about the trends, which form the future of the marketing. One of them is to forget about the manipulation of the potential customer and turn your efforts to help them. With useful content you will be able to become a permanent source of data about any area or product.

Compare: the advertising is able to hold the attention for 10-15 seconds; nevertheless, people will read an interesting article for ten minutes or even longer. Moreover, they will share it on social networks, then return to your website to view more publications, and find more interesting articles.

Where to Place Your Banners

New trends are not a reason to bury the commercials the next second. It will not disappear abruptly. The advertisement still can implement its function and attract the audience’s attention. But it is important to know where to put your commercials to prevent it from being lost in the flow of information. For example, the good content of some website could enhance the effectiveness of banner advertising. According to research, the commercials, which were placed on resources with premium content, often attract the attention of readers and create the impression that the advertised brand is of high quality and reliable. That is why it is important to place your ads on sites with high-quality content. Informative and interesting articles on the Internet differ by a few hours, collecting thousands of likes and reposts, and your advertisement will gain thousands of looks, is it is placed near that attractive text.


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