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Why Your Article Is Not Popular Among the Readers?

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When you have to write articles for work, you really desire people to read them and even leave the insightful comments. Nevertheless, often they would rather ignore your publications. To make the readers pay attention to your blog, column or social media post, you should realize the way modern people perceive the information.

People Got Used to the Great Amount of the Information

You exist in the world of information whirling around you, and got used to the hundreds of news you receive every day. You create the information as constantly post something at the social networks, but there are so many messages that readers gradually fail to notice it. Usually you do not understand why it happens and start to believe in the power of advertising. Nevertheless, while thinking why nobody pays attention to your article, you have scrolled the dozens of banners, sent five emails with commercials (spam), and updated Adblock.

All the people are immersed in the information space and they usually have the same habits of consuming data. You are one of them. So, if you are impressed with a publication, it is likely that other readers will also like it. You should pay attention to other successful blogs to receive the experience and gain your own popularity. We have described how to attract the attention through the social networks in the previous article.

From Where Do People Get Information?

The morning alarm rings, you turn it off, and open the news feed the next second. Then you get up and hurry to university. You do not want to waste your time during the ride in the bus, so you take out your smartphone and browse the news. You go to some site a couple of times, attracted by an interesting headline. After studying you get to work, sit down at the computer and the time for checking emails starts. Is that really the pattern of your behavior? If you do so, and your friend, your employee, and your neighbor follow this pattern too, then why would the other people do otherwise? We are accustomed to consuming information on a go. There is no big ritual of daily newspapers reading anymore.

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How Do People Perceive Information?

Do you hurry to the kiosk to buy a newspaper, and to learn about the latest news as quickly as possible? Do you grab a magazine as soon as it is set aside by the previous reader? No. You are not continually in a frenetic search for information, because it always whirls around in great amount. The nature of existence of information has changed comparing to that in the past century. People no longer are in search of the news, on the contrary, new articles, posts and videos are offered to the internet users and are just waiting to be seen.

When you see a message, you do not spend enough time to examine it. Why should you do so, if there are hundreds of other messages around? You just scan them, determine if they are worth your attention or not. The new data is a rushing stream for you, you have never wanted to absorb it all, because this attempt would be ridiculous.

How to Get the Reader’s Attention?

The time when the main journalists’ task was just to create a text has passed and is unlikely to return. If you do not offer people something to read, they will read your competitors articles. They do not even notice that something is missing, because their news feed is constantly full of posts, there are no blank spots.

That is why the first task nowadays is to attract the attention of the audience. The best way to achieve this goal is to offer the people some useful information. Do you pay attention to the headlines like “Shocking news!” or “Sensation”? Very few people believe that such articles contain something interesting.

The second task is no less important. It is to keep the gained attention. How many times have you ended the news reading just after scanning the title or the first paragraph? Please follow your advice the next time and do not make your article a constant flow of text without illustrations, videos, gif-images or infographics. People are scared of monotonous letters, and that is why you ought to divide a message into sub-themes, give an interesting name to each of them. Such article structure lets the reader observe the whole publication and decide which part to see in detail.

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Why Your Publications Are Not Impressive?

The first step to your article popularity is to think about someone. Will you avidly read about the horses, if you are interested in machines only? If engines are your passions, even a sensational article about the animals will not have a proper influence on you. The reason is you are not the target audience of such a publication.

Therefore, before taking a pen or creating a new document on a laptop, firstly you should determine for whom you are writing. After that try to imagine what a lifestyle your future readers have. Every one of them has needs, problems and opportunities — this are the points of approach to your readers’ interests. That is like using content marketing to attract the audience to the site: people will click on the link themselves in order to find the answers to the questions and solve their problems. Moreover, everyone has heard the most popular song of the month, saw the most common meme, and discussed a sensational politician’s decision, so you can write about it and a lot of people will find this publication to be well-timed and interesting.

People will click only on articles about something that is important to them. References to the well-known things will be successful among them.

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